Most famous and common jackpot prizes to win in online slot game tournament

When a customer thinks about jackpot prize he considers the life changing and hopes for bright future. And for winning a jackpot prize online slot game is the best option that a customer can opt. There are a large variety of prizes or jackpots which are present in most of the online slot game betting websites slot demo uang asli. Here are some of these jackpot prizes

Prize pool

In   prize pool, a specific amount is taken as entrance fee and in last this all fee is collected and prize pool is formed. In this contest there are more than on e winner like first, second, third and so on to ten. This prize money is divided in different percentages as per the website policy and given to the customer. the size of this prize is depends  on the number of customers taking part in the contest because, if the number of  customer increases then the amount collected will be also high and same as when the number of customer is  les s then the prize money will also decreases.

Jackpot wins

This is same as prize pool but a slight difference. In this type a fixed amount of reward is declared and in addition the amount collected from the customer in the form of entrance fee is also added. And the lowering limit of the prize in jackpot wins is fixed but the upper limit is not fixed because it depends on the number of players taking part in the contest .the chances of winning also decreases because of the customer that will take part in the competition.


The bonuses can also be called prizes because some of them are given to only those customers who fulfill their conditions. There many types of bonuses like free spin, welcome bonus, no deposit bonus, referral bonus and many more. The new customers can use these free bonuses to win other prizes. They seem small but can play an important role in making a huge difference in the total winning amount.

Fixed price rewards

As the name suggests, these are the pries which are fixed from the starting point of the match. A fixed guaranteed prize is given to the customer no matter, how many players take part in the competition. And in this competition the number of player taking part in it are not fixed. a lot of risk present in these types of competition because the prize money remains same but the chances of winning decreases.


Before signing up or making an account on online slot game website, the customer must check the feedback and rating of that online slot betting website. Because in these days there are many fake websites are also present. These websites are operated by hackers and these websites attracts the customer with interesting advertisement. After that they cheat the customer in different ways. There must be an ideal authority that should control this entire website so that a customer can fee safer.

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